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Песня: Ana

Исполняет: Inthemorning

Время: 02:09


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Слова этой песни:

It was a long hard day that passed by the side
Seemed they were doing right but they went with the tide
The question on his mind why was she taken away
Was keeping him on the alert day by day

He took the blame for the things that he couldn’t prevent
He didn’t feel the peace didn’t try to repent
So deeply in his head was a thought of revenge
That covered him in full like a huge avalanche

And she was up in the sky praying on her knees
Saying God forgive him I am begging please
There was a sound of silence no one did respond
And she chose the way that she had postponed

And his world turned into infinite rewind
There was only one rule that he was confined (to)
The idea was they would have met again
If he had lived the life without violence and pain

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Inthemorning - Ana
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