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Песня: Feel Good(feat. Hed Pe)

Исполняет: System Of A Down

Время: 04:13


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Слова этой песни:

Ain't no more sunshine, just rain and cold suffering
Generation born to die with their eyes wide open
The clock strikes
The wrong rights
The mob rules
The second Armageddon, igniting the lit fuse
No turning back & every soldier is on point
Ready to die, the confrontation coming, ready of not It's on again,
It's time to say your prayers again
It's not the end, just the beginning of the end
Is it hard?
Yea, I can hold it down like that Is it real?
Yea, You know I break it down like that
Is it rough?
Don't even try to front like that
I'm on fire baby, a big dog will hunt like that
Another day, another buster wanna battle me
Another mamma crying, now her baby is a casualty
I'm ready nigga, slice like a machete nigga,
got fetty nigga, never spend it on Betty nigga
I hit and run, never stressing to look back
When I look back, I think about the love I never had
Then I wake up, I get fucked up and I get even
Approach you from the front
While in your back a knife
I'm leaving

The sky is falling, I don't care
I just want to feel good
Her train's leaving, she don't care
She just wants to feel good
The World is dying, we don't care
We just want to feel good
It's all over, we don't care
We just want to feel good
No- we can't compromise like that
No- we can't conform like that
I'm saying fuck you and fuck the norm like that
Revolt and transform like that
Make a difference
Have a mother fucking impact!
It won't stop raining, its flooding, Revelation was all true
You drew first blood, Jesus is coming to take you
Coming to break you, make you just like new
Satan laughing, spreads his wings and gets a new tattoo
A new platinum chain, a new pinky ring, the rolex, the benz,
The huggy bear pimp thing
Nigga it's midnight, never forget where you come from
Keep your mouth shut Back the fuck up
Watch what you doing

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Feel Good - [hed] feat. system of a down and kittie
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